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Reed Watts

Reed Watts Architects, London

We recognise the impact that the built environment and the construction industry have on climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity. There is an urgent need for priority to be given to environmental issues. Creating buildings that have a more positive impact will be a joint effort and, within the parameters of each project, we consider it our role to drive clients, design teams, contractors and supply chains towards more sustainable practices. We are signatories of the Architects Declare petition.

We have expertise on the application of circular economy principles in construction. We look for opportunities to adapt and reuse buildings and building components. Where new buildings and components are needed, we advocate for the use of renewable and low embodied carbon materials. We design with the full building life cycle in mind, and tailor our approach to project needs: designing for durability, adaptability or deconstruction as appropriate to minimise whole life carbon and life cycle cost.

The economic, social and environmental success of a development relies on it meeting the needs and aspirations of the client and users both now and in the long term. Part of this comes from addressing practical requirements and making good predictions about how its use could evolve over time. It also comes from design that engages with cultural values, enriches its physical context and is loved. We work hard in the early stages to understand the brief in all these dimensions. We challenge our own and clients’ assumptions about how the brief can be met with an economy of means and a positive impact on locale, community and the wider environment.

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