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Reed Watts

Reed Watts Architects, London

KGF Pavilion

The ambition to rejuvenate the pavilion is one of a number of recent initiatives in Tolworth, organised by The Community Brain, to stimulate communities in the local area to become engaged with re-imagining space, both urban and green, through collaborative interventions and creative opportunities.

The pavilion is located in Tolworth’s King George’s Fields – one of 471 playing fields established by grant funding from the “King George’s Fields Foundation” in 1936.

The existing structure, characterized by its elegant barrel vault roof, is currently in a poor state of repair. External fabric is failing and although internally the rooms are essentially intact, much of the fixtures and fittings are damaged.

The core brief of the project is to revitalise the existing pavilion to provide a building with the community at its heart, a place of civic pride which will allow the open space of the recreation ground to be fully appreciated and accessed by all. It is proposed that the majority of the building form and fabric is retained and its unique shape and innovative structure is celebrated. The pavilion will be refurbished and re-modelled to support existing activities such as football, but will also facilitate new opportunities related to education, nature and sustainability.

At a strategic level, the brief also aspires to increase and improve access to the field, pavilion and other occupiers, which in turn will have benefits for the physical and mental health of the local community. This ambition lies at the very heart of the concept of King George’s Fields.


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