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Reed Watts

Reed Watts Architects, London

Green Shed

In Britain today around 300,000 people have an allotment. These patches of land are associated with stereotypes of Britishness, and with nostalgia or the tranquility of a simpler life. The sense of independence growers have with their plot of land runs deeply in the character of the nation.

The ‘Green Shed’ project is a collaboration between Unit 5 and the Community Brain and acts as a travelling exhibit, promoting the idea(l) of self-sufficiency based on experiences at the Community Allotment in Tolworth.

The Green shed is the antithesis of the modular flat-pack structure purchased from a DIY store. Its structure is inherently flawed but within the unique and idiosyncratic details we can find many beautiful qualities and delight.

Inside the Shed are detailed survey drawings of various allotment plots by Unit 5 and recorded oral histories from the allotment owners.

The Shed has been exhibited at the V&A Museum, the Garden Museum and the Hampton Court Flower show where it won a silver medal.