The Hide

Unit 5 collaborated with Citizen Zoo and the Community Brain to design a new animal hide for the Moated Manor nature reserve in Tolworth. The site is owned by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, comprising 2.7 hectares of meadow, scrub and woodland and is home to wide range of fauna.

The hide is perched on the bank of the pond, and gives the general public, schoolchildren and enthusiasts a privileged, but discreet, view of the surrounding wildlife.

The final design is a collaborative effort evolving from student research. The highly sustainable building sits lightly in the landscape and is supported on mini screw piles. Hay bales are used to construct the two interlocking circles which form the main structure. These are topped with timber trusses and a profiled, fibre cement sheet roof.

The hide was prefabricated in Kingston University’s workshop by the students from Unit 5 and erected in the large build space. Its final placement on site has been temporarily postponed due to the recent pandemic but we have high hopes to complete the project in the next academic year.

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