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Reed Watts

Reed Watts Architects, London

MArch at Kingston University (2016-2020)

Unit 5 at Kingston University with Takeshi Hayatsu

Something that distinguishes architecture from other industrial production methods, such as car manufacturing, is the scale of collaboration. Architecture is traditionally a product of the handmade, bringing together components in a way shaped to its unique situation and user application. It involves inventions and improvisations to overcome unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. It requires tolerance to accommodate material behaviours and foreseeable inaccuracy.  Its scale necessitates a process involving many people and in this lies the potential for a truly collaborative artefact. Architecture brings people together for the joy and delight in its making, and the pride represented in its form, qualities and expression.

Unit 5 has a strong interest in the construction process and believes that design skills are strengthened by first-hand experience of materials and making. Teamwork is key to the process that enables building but is often marginalised in favour of individual expertise. We are keen to explore the potential of collaborative working methods, and how learning from and working with one another, can improve the individual.

The Subiton Yatai was shortlisted for the RIBA Presidents Silver Medal in 2018.

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