Dorchester Housing

On behalf of the Dorchester Area Community Land Trust we are developing proposals for a new, affordable housing scheme on land close to Dorchester town centre. The site, currently occupied by two tennis courts, is situated in the south-west corner of the old Roman town, Durnovaria. The ramparts to the Roman city wall, which were lined with trees in about 1712, run to the south and west of the site. The trees create a beautiful backdrop to the site and give it a special character.

The brief has been developed to help address the shortage of affordable housing for young people who wish to live and work in Dorchester.

The proposals, which are at an early design stage, provide up to 20 compact flats – each approximately 40sqm in area. Arranged in two blocks, the proposals have been designed to avoid Roman archaeology, existing trees and the ecologically valuable planting on its periphery. The design also takes advantage of the level changes across the site while maintaining framed views to and from the adjacent West Walks.

A planning application is to be submitted in late 2019.


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